After many years of thumbing my nose at the idea followed by a quick 180 where I spent a few months vaguely considering the notion, I’ve finally set up a Twitter account. While the blog will serve as an outlet for longform writing and a place to vent about whatever random stuff it is I vent about, my Twitter account is where I will be revealing the secrets this universe has been hiding from you all this time.

So, you know, that might be something to check out.

I’ve also got an Instagram account that’s been chugging along for a while, but it’s not strictly relevant to the blog, so I never linked it here. However, if you’re interested in artwork by a clumsy amateur artist and cartoonist and a dedicated nerd, then please do drop by.

Follow me on Twitter (or just drop by to shake your head disapprovingly) here:

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Now let’s get social!



As I’ve recently discovered, some people have Instagram accounts for their pets. On those accounts, they post pictures of their pets, accompanied by a caption that says something like, “Hi, I’m Puddles the dog!” or “I hate it when mommy takes me to the vet!”

It creeps me right the hell out.

I can’t really explain why. It just seems like a picture of a cute dog or cat stands on its own. Projecting your own thoughts on what your pet is thinking or saying in that moment just feels…wrong? Weird? Possibly insane?

Or maybe it’s just enthusiastic pet owners sharing their love for their animal companions in a lighthearted and goofy way.

I dunno.

I still don’t trust em…