The Wind Blows Across Empty Plains

Wow, is it quiet in here or is it just me?



So sorry to all my readers (yes, I see the both of you back there) for the apparent deadness of my site. Life is a funny little thing. A river that rages along and pulls everything to the whim of its current. I am but a man, alas, with so many obligations and so little time. I’ve been trying to dodge life’s various curveballs and not get buried under its –

Oh, what the hell. I’ve been lazy. It’s just as simple as that.

‘Maybe I don’t have to write a blog post every single day,” you say to yourself once and the next thing you know, it’s been over a year and your blog is collecting digital dust bunnies. Oops.

I had half a mind to just shut the whole thing down since I wasn’t updating it at all, but then one day (well, yesterday), the blogging flame that once burned brightly in my mind and then simmered slowly for a while before being extinguished by the lazy waters of procrastination suddenly re-ignited itself. No, I thought, I can’t abandon this blog. It’s my mind space. It’s where I throw out the random thoughts that refuse to stay contained. I can’t shut this down any more than I can shut down my own brain.

So I return from my own ashes like a keyboard-tapping phoenix, ready to unleash a blog storm again and drench you all with my thoughts (it sounded less dirty in my head, I promise).

Until I get lazy again. Which tends to happen from time to time.

But I’ll work on that.

Maybe tomorrow…


A Busy Month

Well, I must say, April’s been a crazier month than I’d anticipated.

After a year of slogging my way through a job I was grateful for (beats unemployment) but was otherwise apathetic towards (in large part thanks to a manager for whom I’ve reserved every colorful name in the book), I finally started work at a new place at the start of the month. Being involved with food in some capacity has always been a (somewhat passive) dream of mine, so being a food blogger makes me feel ecstatic. It’s been a bit hectic; I have a longer commute, I need to wake up earlier and there’s lots of articles to churn out on a regular basis. But I enjoy the challenge this job brings, and thus far, I’m very happy I decided to go for it.

Also, after forgetting to register in time two months in a row, I finally signed up for the Writing 101 course on WordPress, eager to sharpen my skills. The idea of daily prompts sounded fun, and seemed like just the kick in the butt I needed to develop a consistent writing schedule. From the time I saw the first prompt, I knew I was in for a fun ride. This course has helped me find my voice, which is something I’ve struggled with previously, and also proved to be therapeutic by giving me a forum to write about a topic that has been looming over me the past two years. I’ve also met some truly fantastic people through the Commons, and there’s really a sense of a blog community here. I’m happy to be a part of it.

It has also, on a semi-related note, been a busy month for birthdays. My dad, my brother and I were all born in April, so there’s been a lot of gift shopping going on. My brother and I also got two cakes each on our respective birthdays, so it was a solid month of cake eating for the whole family!

And now here I am, settled into my job, done with Writing 101 (already?!) and still hungry for cake. I’m hoping I can continue pushing myself to spin yarns for the good public without a daily prompt to guide me along. Life gets in the way sometimes and, honestly, I’m kinda lazy. But I’ll learn to kick myself in the butt. There’s a story to be told.