After many years of thumbing my nose at the idea followed by a quick 180 where I spent a few months vaguely considering the notion, I’ve finally set up a Twitter account. While the blog will serve as an outlet for longform writing and a place to vent about whatever random stuff it is I vent about, my Twitter account is where I will be revealing the secrets this universe has been hiding from you all this time.

So, you know, that might be something to check out.

I’ve also got an Instagram account that’s been chugging along for a while, but it’s not strictly relevant to the blog, so I never linked it here. However, if you’re interested in artwork by a clumsy amateur artist and cartoonist and a dedicated nerd, then please do drop by.

Follow me on Twitter (or just drop by to shake your head disapprovingly) here:

And here’s Instagram:

Now let’s get social!


3 thoughts on “Socializing

  1. The Instagram world is quite kind to clumsy amateur artist and cartoonists, I’ve found. I suppose when others are putting themselves out there like that, they can’t afford not to be. And real artists tend to be quite encouraging. I do worry that some folks are following advice that will have all Instagram accounts looking as slick and sanitized as a glossy magazine. I think that’s what caused the death of the scrapbooking craze – this competitive perfectionism. We mere mortals couldn’t keep up.

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      • Oh, lord. And chefs everywhere facepalming because everyone would rather take the perfect photo of their meal rather than EAT it at the peak of perfection.

        I do kind of get why so many people like to take food pics:

        The subject doesn’t move. It doesn’t act coy or try to turn around or run away or hide behind a friend. There’s no one in the entire world who can’t relate to food; it’s a common theme regardless of where you come from, but there’s endless diversity and it is colorful and endlessly interesting.


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