Brick By Brick

When I was a wee lad, and even when I was a not-so-wee lad, I loved playing with LEGOs. I spent hours building and re-building playsets, pitting pirates against spacemen and knights against cowboys. It was mainly pirates against everyone else, though, because I frigging loved LEGO pirates.

As I grew older, I drifted away from LEGOs. Teenage hormones and that kind of thing. It was odd being a teenage nerd, and it’s hard enough being either of those things individually. It was some time in college that I rediscovered my old blocky friends, but the LEGO landscape had changed.

Most LEGO playsets were themed, based around the pop culture craze du jour like Harry Potter or the Spider-Man films. My precious pirates were nowhere to be found. And then there was the price. When did those little guys get so expensive?! It seems LEGO and I were destined to part ways there.

But we weren’t quite done. LEGO continued to fade in and out of the background, notably with a few video games that were also based on pop culture properties. Then, last year (or I guess it’s two years ago now…I’ll get used to that new year by mid-March), they took center stage with The LEGO Movie, which was awesome (then again, isn’t everything?) and were all the rage again.

My interest was piqued again, but the prices. Oh, those prices. Until last week, when I stumbled upon this guy here from the upcoming Batman v Superman:


Yes, I know I just complained about pop culture LEGOs just a few paragraphs ago. But look at that image again. Superman, Batman (badass armored Batman no less) and a Bat Signal. All in one little playset that’s at a pretty reasonable price. How could I pass up a LEGO Bat Signal? Oh, right, I couldn’t. Thus the start of 2016 saw me reunited with an old hobby, albeit in a slightly new form.

And it’s one I’ll be revisiting again I’m sure, given that 3 LEGO stores have opened up here over the past 6 months. They also have pirates playsets again. Pirates! And they’re not that expensive either! Granted, when you buy multiple inexpensive items it does add up to a considerable expense, and I can hear my wallet sobbing quietly, but it doesn’t matter.

Because I have a Bat Signal to build. And I look forward to the day when that shining beacon of justice will be assaulted by a band of roving buccaneers.


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