Starting Fresh

Just as I was getting comfortable with the old year, a new one decided to nudge its way in. So here we are. The dawn of 2016. As is the case very year, this is when resolutions are made, and plans are charted for the coming year. A fresh start. A new leaf. All of that good stuff.

So it is that I’m planning to start fresh as well. Toward the end of last year, my writing plans went completely topsy turvy. Getting sick around Christmas certainly didn’t help things. I had made a commitment to, if nothing else, write something every day. Now, to be fair, my day job involves writing, so I haven’t technically abandoned that commitment. However, on a personal front, I haven’t actually written anything in a while. Thus, I’m planning to start over with that whole thing.

Even if it results in a blog post that’s just one line, I will write something every day. To stay in practice, if nothing else. I aim to finally put an end to posts that are essentially apologies for not having written anything. It’s time to be the writer I wanted to be.

But first…maybe a nap.

Hold your horses 2016. I’ll get to you in my own time.

Hope the new year’s got some pleasant surprises in store for everyone!


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