At A Loss For Words

As I had mentioned a few times in my last few posts, I’d taken on quite a few writing challenges the past couple of months. In September, I attempted to make my way through Writing 101 while also participating in the Story A Day Challenge on my fiction blog. In October, I created my own personal challenge for Halloween. When that was all done, I thought I’d take a short break from blogging before getting right back into it again. And now I’ve come to the horrifying realization that I have no idea what to write.

I’ve gotten too used to writing off a prompt that now I’m at a loss for my own topics. The easy thing to do would be to visit the Daily Prompt for ideas, but that just compounds the problem. This blog was supposed to be a space to let the random ramblings of my brain flow freely, but it seems that right now my brain is…empty? That can’t be a good thing.

My fictional muse also seems to have gone on vacation without giving notice. I was supposed to resume posting on my fiction blog last month, but that well is coming up dry too. So, for now, I’m just trying to figure out what to write next. Hopefully, both blogs will be back on track soon.

I’ll be putting up a festive post in the next couple of days (hoooopefully), and after that, I think I’ll pick things up again in the New Year.


Out to Lunch

Ah, it feels so good to come back to blogging after a short break. One week off is just what I needed to reorganize my thoughts.

Wait, what was the date of my last post?

November 3rd?!

No, that can’t be right…

Must be a glitch. Let me refresh the page.


November 3rd.


Looks like my little hiatus lasted way longer than I’d planned.


Well, nothing to do but hop back in the saddle and continue the journey. After someone teaches me how to ride a horse.

Apologies to my readers and fellow bloggers for the disappearance, but I’m back now!

And better than ever! Or, at least, that’s the story I’m sticking to.