Dear Brain

Today’s assignment is to write a letter. So I did. I thought I’d try to make it funny. But then I didn’t.

Dear Brain,

I hope this letter finds you well.

Though, in truth, I know it won’t. Forgive my bluntness, but we both know it to be true. You haven’t been well in quite some time. Perhaps you never were.

You’re always on a quest. You find yourself on an unending journey to find true beauty in this world. To find true happiness. To find the most comforting depths of peace. It always seems so elusive. I think it might be because you’re looking at some unattainable definition of happiness. When we’re enjoying a good meal or playing a fun game, are you not happy? When you think up a story and map it out from beginning to conclusion, doesn’t that bring you joy? Why should anything else matter?

Yet, everything matters. You punish yourself with needless stress and worry. I appreciate the effort you make in crafting elaborate and devastating panic attacks, but I would really prefer not to have them. The sense of anxiety that you create in the pit of my stomach on some days is another well-crafted but unnecessary touch. You’re always so concerned with staying organized and keeping order that you plunge yourself into chaos without meaning to.

I would like to urge you to take it easy for a while. I know things haven’t always been under our control, and our life’s been thrown off balance more times than we’d like. But that’s the nature of life. It throws curveballs and bobs when you expect it to weave. Trying to control every aspect of it is futile. You can’t always stop the worst from happening. The best you can do is face it head-on and learn to pick yourself up when it knocks you down.

Take things a little easier. Spend more time focusing on the good and learn to smile in spite of the bad.

Life’s too short to panic.

I hope you get better.

Wishing you the best always,

The Rest Of Me


17 thoughts on “Dear Brain

  1. Do we share the same soul? I printed your letter and placed it in my purse. Because. Because I can read it when I “get” all “weird” and “go to that place”. Honestly. I thank you. My brain thanks you. My spirit thanks you!

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    • My brain thanks you as well.

      I’m amazed, pleased and very humbled that my little message to myself touched someone so deeply.

      If this letter provides you any solace at all, my brain will be all the happier for it.

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      • Hey. I almost had a full-blown panic/anxiety attack today at a staffing agency. I had to be tested in Excel. I get really sick anxiety being tested and the desk I was seated at wasn’t as organized as I need it to be. I breathed hard and aced it. They were so impressed with the 100 percent on the unforgiving excel test that the word testing was waived. Trust have NO idea how your letter affected me–and in a good way! I’m so glad that I’m following!

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  2. I’m trying to get my brain to listen to some of that advice, especially the part about not being able to control everything. My brain and I try to do that quite frequently, most usually to no avail. I enjoyed the light tone you used to convey some seriously good advice.

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