The Writer’s Room

Today’s assignment asks us about where we write. It’s about reflecting on our writing habits and processes, and how space factors into it.

I write in my living room, perched on one end of the couch, with my laptop (often precariously) balanced on the armrest. I actually have a folding table that I bought for the specific purpose of working from my couch, but I use it quite rarely. My secondary writing spot is the office. It’s not my favorite place to write, but I only have so many hours in the day, and if I need to submit a post for a course or challenge, I’d like to have at least a rough draft down before the evening. It helps that I have my own office at present, so privacy isn’t an issue.

Now, sleeping is a favorite hobby of mine, so my bed seems ideal for writing. But it isn’t. I can’t use my computer lying down, as some people seem to do, and sitting on the bed hunched over the laptop is just painful. The bed’s much more suitable for watching Game of Thrones or Parks & Rec. Writing, not so much.

So I plop myself down on the couch and do what needs doing. I usually write down whatever ideas have been percolating in my head, trying to be as coherent as possible. Whenever I hit a wall, I stop and do something else. Maybe watch TV for a while, or read. Then, back to writing. I look over what I’ve written, editing it and, on the rare occasion, throwing it out and starting over. Once I’m done, I let the draft sit for a few hours (unless I’m running against a self-imposed deadline) and look it over again to iron out any wrinkles. Then it’s time to publish.

I realize I gave what is perhaps a very technical description of a creative activity, but I suppose that’s where my engineering background creeps in. I like describing detailed processes, but it’s rarely that organized. Ultimately, the important thing is finding the time to write. I can write in any place that lets me sit down with some degree of comfort (though I prefer a place where I can control my distractions, hence, couch), but I just need to find a few free minutes to do that, or hours for longer pieces.

The laptop is my weapon of choice, but I’ve recently got myself an iPad and this is the first full post I’ve composed on it, so this’ll definitely be another one to use.


13 thoughts on “The Writer’s Room

    • I had the same issue at first. I wasn’t used to the weight of the iPad (primarily dealing with a 6 inch phone), so it was a bit of a burden.

      But I use it a lot for sketching and doodling, so it doesn’t feel as heavy anymore. Yesterday was my first time writing and publishing a post on it, though.


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