Target Acquired

Yesterday, I hit a major milestone. It came way later than I had planned, but at least i got there.

When I got back into the workforce last year, I decided to manage my money carefully. That had never been a concern for me before. I’d spend money however I wanted, only making sure that my balance didn’t hit (or drop below) zero at the end of the month. But after a long period of unemployment and a whole lot of madness in my life, I wanted to build a nest egg. So I put together a spreadsheet to track my monthly budget and made a point to set aside a fraction of my paycheck at the start of the month.

I had a good system going, and I had set a savings target for the end of the year, which I was set to exceed easily. However, we suffered a few financial setbacks that took a bite out of my savings, and I ended the year with about a quarter of what I had expected. It was a very frustrating time, as some money-related problem cropped up every three months or so. As the new year began, I wondered if there was any real point in saving, as money seemed to be slipping through my fingers. But I kept saving anyway and now, 9 months later, I’ve finally hit that savings goal. I’ll savor that while I can. Tomorrow, a new problem might arise that’ll funnel it all away, but for the time being, I can take pride in my achievement.

So far, I’m on track to doubling that amount by early next year, but let’s see how it goes. May the money gods be merciful.


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