Just Browsing

I like going to electronics stores, because I enjoy looking for new gadgets and possible accessories and add-ons for my existing gadgets. It’s also a one-stop shop for movies, games and the like.

The problem with most electronics stores here is the high density of salespeople in the store. I cannot walk around without a minimum of 5 sales assistants popping up to say hello. Some of them, thankfully, chirp a cheerful greeting and then leave me to do my thing. Others go on to ask if I need help with anything, and the rare few take note of what product I’m looking at and start spouting their spiel about that product, or others like it. Usually, it’s just something my eyes happened to be focused on at that particular time, and not something I was even considering for purchase. So I’m left with two options. I can either listen to them drone on, thank them for their assistance, and then try to get out of their line of sight as quickly as possible. Or I can attempt to shut them down altogether, which is sometimes tricky to do without getting rude about it.

Once, I was looking at some sort of digital pen at the end of an aisle without realizing the sales rep for that device was lurking just around the corner. He launched into an extensive sales demo, talking about the various features of the pen and the special notebook that came with it. I got sucked into that vortex and couldn’t get out. So I had to put on an elaborate show of considering different aspects of the pen before thanking the sales rep and telling him that I’d consider it for next time.

For the most part, though, I only have to deal with the ‘helpers’, who can be shooed off with the simple phrase ‘just browsing’. Of course, there was the one guy who asked if I needed help finding anything and, on being told that I was just browsing, responded, “Well, surely you’re looking for something specific?” No, dude. I’m really not. But thanks for the help. Maybe dial it down a notch next time. I’d just like to look at stuff in peace. And if I need help, well, obviously there’s no shortage of people to flag down.

Why do I need to be greeted by two separate people in the DVD section? Good thing they don’t have a sales assistant per genre. If I’m looking to buy something, I usually do my research online, then go to the store to pick up exactly what I need/want, and leave. If I’m hanging around and examining stuff, that usually means I’m not going to buy anything. I’m just browsing. So stop pestering me.


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