Write Anything: The Perfect Morning

So there I were, sitting in front of me computer, wondering what I could possibly write about. I feel like certain topics have been floating around at the edges of my thoughtspace the past few days, but they retreat from my grasp as I try to pull them into a post. What to do then? Along comes Writerish Ramblings and her ‘Write Anything Wednesday’ feature. Aside from encouraging people to write on any topic they so choose today, she also throws in a few prompts to get the ideas flowing, which is a godsend for me today.

I’ve settled on her last prompt: Describe your perfect morning.

My most perfect morning? That would start some time after midday, really. Any morning that lets me get in a whole day’s worth of sleep sound just right.

That aside, my perfect morning would be a productive one. Waking up to golden sunshine, having a nice strong cup of coffee and a homemade breakfast (some combination of eggs, sausages, bacon, along with pancakes or waffles…make that pancakes and waffles) and spending some quality time doing the things I love. Reading, drawing a picture or comic, writing a great short story, building something from scratch or doing some origami. A workout wouldn’t be out of the question, though I’d probably save real physical exertion for later in the day.

Ultimately, my perfect morning would be one where I was completely carefree. Not concerned about anything related to my job or errands or housework. No emails or chatting or phone calls. Just me and the world, hanging out together for a few hours until lunch.

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