Totally Tab-ular

I’ve got a bit of a tab addiction. I’m not really sure when and how it started.

During the early days, before tabs were a thing, I did all my browsing on one window. I might open a second window temporarily, maybe to check out a link or something, but I’d promptly close it when I was done and get back to my singular browsing space. The idea of having more than one window open freaked me out a little bit. I just couldn’t handle it.

Then came the concept of tabs. It was convenient not having to open a new window every time I wanted to click a link, but I did my best to only have one tab open at all times. It was all I needed or wanted for my browsing needs. Somewhere along the way, that changed.

Now my windows are usually overflowing with tabs. Yeah, that’s right. Multiple windows. Multiple tabs in said windows. How did I end up like this? I have no idea. It’s an enigma wrapped up in a conundrum that you solve by right clicking. Currently, I have six tabs open in one window and two in another. Sometimes, I open up different articles from the same site on different tabs and find myself switching between them, reading each article in parts. It’s sort of like channel surfing. Except kind of insane. Every one in a while, I’ll open up a new tab. Just for the hell of it. I won’t go to any site or anything. It’ll just be a fresh tab that has a brief existence until I mercy kill it because I realize it’s just hanging there pointlessly. On occasion, I’ll start writing something in one tab. A comment, maybe, or even the start of a blog post. Then I’ll switch to another tab partway through and end up coming back to it much later, confused about what I was writing. Even now, I’m tempted to click away to something else and finish up this blog post later, when I’ll probably have forgotten what I wanted to write.

It’s a major problem. I can’t seem to stop! But anyway, that’s something to worry about another time. I think I’ll tab over to Facebook for a while.


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