What’s In A Name?

I love it when I can sit down in front of my computer, put my fingers on the keyboard and just let a post flow from there as I tap away. Ideas radiate through my fingertips, forming themselves into words that dance in front of readers’ eyes. On a good writing day, I can plow through a thousand words in mere minutes without even realizing it. I sit back satisfied, reading over my work, making any necessary tweaks. And then comes the hard part.

The title.

I’ve always loved a good, snappy title. Something that, in a few words (or just one) gives you an idea of what to expect from the story, and the tone it may take. Alternatively, a title may set up a tone that the actual story subverts. It doesn’t always have to be something clever. It could just be the name of the protagonist or the name of a significant place. But a good title sticks in the mind and helps draw a reader to a story.

And I spend a long time agonizing over good title for my stories and posts. For me, it is easily the hardest part of the writing process. Earlier, I used to try and think up a title first, and then write the story. Now, I’ve taken to completing the story first, then coming up with an appropriate name. It’s tougher than it seems. And sometimes, I throw something together that’s vaguely relevant to the theme of the story, just so I can be done with it and move on to the next thing.

On rare occasions, such as with this post, the right title puts on its finest suit and walks through the door, ready to sit at the head of a written piece.


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