Almost Done?

“Wait, what happened?” I find myself saying for the second time this week.

Blogging 201 is almost done? Just one more day left? That sucks!

I haven’t devoted nearly as much time to this course as I wanted to. Guess I’ll have to work on the assignments on a slower schedule. And the last few assignments have been tougher to work on without having some time on hand. Day seven’s assignment was about creating a blogging event or participating in one, day eight asked us to establish an online presence on different sites and connect them all back to the blog, and day nine deals with guest blogging.

For the past two months, I’ve been thinking of participating in a blogging event, but I keep losing out on the time to do so. Really, some days I wish I were unemployed just so I could have the time to write all day. Though I’d hate to lose out on the sweet, sweet money. I really need to set aside some time one evening or on the weekend to get to that.

Assignment eight is a bit of a puzzler, as I’m not quite sure how to create another online platform that would reflect the nature of my blog. That’ll be a much more long-term strategy for me.

As for guest bloggers, I would love to have some! There are a lot of amazing talented people out there with some great stories to tell, and I’d be honored to host those stories on my sites. And I would also love to write a guest post for someone as a way to get my voice out there and to supply some extra content. The only problem is who to guest for….there are so many choices and I only have so much time in the day (and, sadly, that pocket of time seems to be diminishing of late).

Looks like there’s still plenty of work to be done to help expand the reach of my blog, and the lessons are almost through. Tomorrow, the folks at WordPress will say “I have nothing further to teach you”, like the kung fu masters in schlocky martial arts films and, like the plucky roundhouse kicking protagonist, I’ll have to go out there to apply my skills.

Time to wax on.


2 thoughts on “Almost Done?

  1. shhh don’t tell anyone but you can totally sign up next time it’s offered and no one will be the wiser! 😉 plus you’ll already have ideas for completing the assignments =]

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