Tech-Free Friday

The weekend in Dubai, as I’ve mentioned before, falls on Friday and Saturday. And because Dubai has no use for free time, many companies have six-day workdays. I’ve got five and a half days, which still means that I only get to sleep in once a week. Hurray.

Anyway, Friday is the one day when I’m free of all obligations and just get to do my own thing. And what I’ve come to realize is that I end up completely neglecting my computer on Fridays. Well, maybe ‘neglecting’ ins’t the right word, because it feels pretty great being free of it. I’m usually out, and even if I’m at home, I prefer reading or watching a movie or finding some way to entertain myself sans internet. Usually, I’ll end up checking my email or something just before going to bed.

So I’ve decided to officially make Friday computer-free. I’m thinking of just making it a tech-free day in general, where my phone will function only as a phone and not a mini-computer. The only hurdle there is that I draw on my phone, and occasionally write short blog posts there too. I suppose it’s as good an excuse as any to get back to pen and paper. I could write in my journal (which has been sitting sadly neglected, and that does seem to be the right word in this case) or draw in a real sketchbook instead of on the app.

I usually end up missing posts on Friday anyway (except for on my fiction blog, where the posts are pretty short), so I may as well make it a deliberate thing instead of going through every Saturday thinking, ‘Oops, forgot to post again’. It does feel liberating to not rely on the computer for all my information and entertainment, and it’s nice to be out for the day, even if Dubai’s not the most ideal city for summer outings.

Then it’s back into the Matrix on Saturday.


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