Thematic Matters

Another day, another assignment. Today, we’re tasked with making sure that our blogs are readable on all platforms. The blog should be mobile-friendly so that people can easily catch up on posts on the go. No problem. I can manage that.

I’m still stuck on trying to find a suitable theme, though. Every time I find a theme that seems just about right, there’s some problem with it that makes it unusable for me. Some themes don’t let me upload my full header image (cropping it really ruins the effect), while some don’t have a good combination of colors to give my blog the right personality. There’s always something. Maybe I’m just picky. A little armchair psychoanalysis can extend this to my life as well, where I am too demanding in the specificity of what I want. But let’s save that for another post. Or not, actually. I don’t want to delve that deeply into my strange mind.

The dummy blog has proven useful in dealing with that frustration, as I don’t have to worry about leaving some bizarre or badly arranged theme for my readers to stumble onto while I try to pick a better one. Hopefully, by the weekend, I’ll have found something I can be happy with.


10 thoughts on “Thematic Matters

  1. Well, I’m reading this on an iPhone and everything is nice and clear. The header image I love (as I said yesterday!) and I like the blue theme colours…it says ‘smart’, ‘clever’ and ‘male’ to me. No girly stuff here. The header image says ‘hey, I’m funny and imaginative’. But then I may be wrong, as I do often am. Hope some of that helps!

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  2. I could have written this post, but (of course) not as well. Though I totally share the Theme frustration, I don’t think that that’s “just picky” as you put it. Wouldn’t you want your home to look the way you’d like it to look like? That will make you and your guests feel comfortably at home? More so while blogging, which I guess you know. The whole of it should be you, your online presence.

    Oh, and I fully agree with the first comment 🙂
    (even though I’m reading at an old fashioned desk top…).

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    • That’s how I approach it. It should be something that reflects me and the intent of my blog perfectly.

      But when I keep writing off theme after theme because of little flaws here and there, it does make me start to wonder…

      The good news is, I may be close to getting what I was after, so maybe my pickiness paid off after all. Which kind of voids my post, but oh well.


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