Something Brand New

The second day of Blogging 201, and we’re already in the thick of it. Today’s assignment is to think about your brand and how you’re getting your message across to your audience. What does the blog look like? How are posts structured? The theme? The header image? How do you discuss the blog on social media? It seems like too much to think about, but broken down and taken one piece at a time, it’s valuable in building a strong blog image.

For starters, there’s the theme. I’m not completely satisfied with the theme I’ve chosen for either of my blogs, especially my fiction blog. The look of this blog is alright, and seems fairly consistent with the kind of tone I’m aiming for in my posts, but it’s missing a personal element that I can’t quite put my finger on. The theme of my fiction blog definitely doesn’t project the image I want it to, and I don’t think it matches the tone or personality of the blog at all. However, I can’t keep changing themes every two days until I find what I want.

But the good folks of WordPress have provided a handy solution to that problem: a dummy blog. A blank canvas for me to put my imprint on, in whatever way I like. It’s set up for my eyes only, so I won’t be confusing my audience with a new look every time they visit, and I can use it to shape the look of my actual blogs. That’s step one for me. Getting the right look and creating the right atmosphere for my writing.

One suggestion was to get an auditing buddy who’ll evaluate the look of your blog (with a quid pro quo, of course), so that’s something I intend to do. And of course, if any of my readers and followers have any suggestions for changes or improvements to the look (or even the content, really) of the blog, I’m all ears. Or all eyes, in this case…which actually conjures up a freakier image than all ears does, but I digress.

Stay tuned for big changes ahead!


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