Charting A New Course

Today marks the first day of Blogging 201, the more advanced blogging course by WordPress where you learn to develop and strengthen your blog as a brand. I’m hoping to get some useful information to help develop both blogs into something more than they are now.

Truthfully, I’ve got much more of an affinity for fiction, so I primarily plan to work on my other blog. With almost 150 followers at present, I’m pretty happy with how that’s been progressing, but I can always do better, and intend to have more consistent results.

This blog will always be around for the random post about my life and my thoughts, but I don’t think I’ll be posting daily as I had initially planned (truthfully, that plan’s long been abandoned, and my near-week long posting absence last week may have been the last nail in its coffin). But who knows, that may change in the future. Maybe I’ll be so overwhelmed with writing fantastical stories that I’ll retreat to the mundane real world. Boy, I hope not.

My storytelling blog has given me many moments of pause and hesitation, though. Not too long ago, my views and likes were going through the roof, but they seem to have hit a plateau, and even a bit of a dip. I post a combination of little bite-sized stories and haikus on the blog, and the haikus are usually the most popular. I’d like to think it’s because I can tell a great story or evoke a strong emotion in only three lines, but I fear the reality is that people like them because they require the least amount of reading. A quick poem you can be done with in 5 seconds? What’s not to like?

It’s my hope that this blogging course will help me build a proper audience for my stories as well. Granted, the first big step to gaining an audience is to have good content. On that front, I seem to be delivering more hits than misses, since my stats haven’t plunged to zero as yet. But then, there’s a disproportionate amount of views compared to what my supposed current audience is.

Anyways, this was supposed to be a post about Blogging 201, and it ended up being a bit of a rambling mess. As part of the first assignment for the course, we’re supposed to set 3 goals for ourselves, trying to make them as specific (and, well, realistic) as possible. So here are mine:

1. Double the number of followers on both my blogs by the end of August.

2. Develop a story bank, mainly over the weekends, so I’m not scrambling to write and publish a new one every day.

3.  Create a weekly or monthly feature within the next 4 weeks that I can consistently deliver on.

So there you have it, I’ve taken the first steps to the further development of my blog. The following two weeks should prove to be interesting and, I hope, insightful.


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