Back to Basics

I couldn’t figure out what sort of workout routine to do last week, so I ended up doing something I haven’t done in quite a while: karate.

Just straight-up karate basics, focusing on simple techniques and stances. It felt like coming home. I mean, I was home. I was working out in my living room, after all. But it felt so good to be doing one of the things I loved again, an activity that I had devoted 5 years of my life to, and which had sadly fallen by the wayside in more recent times.

It was just supposed to be a filler, a break from my usual routine, but I was eager to work on it again the next day. It may finally be time to make it a more prominent part of my workout again. I’ve tried to get back into karate in the past in an attempt to jumpstart a regular fitness routine, but it didn’t last long. Part of the problem, I think, was my own expectation, I was at a certain skill level when I trained actively, and I expected to jump back to that same skill and intensity after a long period of inactivity. Frustration followed, prompting me to push myself too hard to work my way up again, which led to a burnout and put me back on square one.

My expectations are more realistic now. I’m no longer burdened by the skill of my past. It’ a new beginning,in a way. It’s all completely familiar to me, of course, but I don’t let that fool me into thinking that I’m better than I am. I’m approaching the whole thing as a beginner, and I think that’ll help me train more consistently without getting frustrated. Plus, I have my Darebee routines to break things up if that does happen, so I won’t relapse into sitting on my ass again.


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