On Writing

Probably the best writing advice I’ve ever come across is ‘write every day’. I can’t really attribute that quote to anyone in particular, as I’ve heard it from various sources. To me, the most useful version of this axiom is ‘Write something every day’. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a story or just a sentence, whatever keeps the ideas flowing.

Fortunately, it’s something I get to do on a professional level. But I’ve been trying to do that more consistently on the personal front as well. Because of my love of fiction, most of my writing’s been focused on my fiction blog. I’ve been posting a small story there daily and, lately, I’ve added a daily haiku into the mix. It’s a lot of fun putting stories together, and sometimes I find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Unfortunately, this blog’s been a bit neglected as a result. My posts have been fairly sporadic, and I’ve even had to turn my weekly humor feature, Conversations With A Strange Mind, into a monthly one because I was struggling to post something every week. Granted, writing humor isn’t easy, and I can only use so much mindless, random banter to keep a reader’s attention.

However, there were plenty of topics for me to write about on a daily basis. I just wasn’t doing that. So this week, I’ve been attempting to address that issue. I’ve been feeling a bit ranty of late, though whether that’s something in my temperament or because the blog’s a good ranting platform, I don’t know. Expect to find a few more posts on my pet peeves in the coming week.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, it feels good to write something every day and engage the mind in that process. I encourage anyone that reads this to write something today, even if it’s a simple little phrase. And if you’re so inclined, please share that in the comments. I’d love to see what pops out of your mind.


5 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Reblogged this on Skyscrapper Dreams and commented:
    A quite inspirational write-up for the new bloggers like me! I request the readers to notice the simplicity of this writing. In fact, I do not have to request even, you will see it by yourself as it is so much in there. It clearly indicates that there is no need to be bombastic, and heavy with writings, just be spontaneous. I think people love reading easy writings. At least, I do.

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  2. I needed to hear this! I’ve felt quite torn inside lately, even becoming quite outwardly stressed around the house – each time I sit down to write, I can’t even complete a post! (I’ve been working on one for almost a week – only getting as far as a paragraph each night because my mind is racing elsewhere!!!!) Life has been demanding a lot lately; end of term at school, searching for temporary accommodation before our current lease ends, and preparing to emigrate to Australia – but your post has helped to remind me that even though I’m only getting a paragraph or two completed each night – I am still writing! And with that – I am off to complete my post (or at least another paragraph) 😉


    • It’s amazing to me how many people are getting inspiration or some sort of lesson out of my words.

      I resisted blogging for the longest time because I wasn’t sure my voice would be heard, so it still fills me with awe just how far my voice has reached.

      Sorry to hear it’s been so hectic for you. Hopefully you can look forward to a nice break after the move.

      And as I said, even writing down a phrase that just popped into your head can keep the ideas flowing, and can keep the real world at bay. Even if for a short while.

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      • It was just what I needed to hear – I enjoyed so much when I had found my daily writing mojo again, which is why it frustrates me so to be without it due to the demands of our upcoming move – but you reminded me that I am sharpening the creative tool even when writing just a little – something I make sure I do each day – even if I don’t yet hit publish! Thanks to your post – I completed my own 🙂 and will endeavour to keep writing a little more each day!

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