Conversations With A Strange Mind: Dyslexia and Wordy Things

“I think we’re turning dyslexic.”

“I’m not sure it works that way. Kind of a ‘one or the other’ situation there.”

“Well, technically, that’s not true. You could become dyslexic after some kind of traumatic episode or head injury.”

“Ok, sure, but it’s not like being a werewolf. You can’t just turn dyslexic.”

“Seriously? All the actual medical conditions you could have picked and you went with werewolf?”

“I was illustrating a point!”

“Yeah, illustrating that maybe dyslexia isn’t our biggest concern.”

“So, have we had any head injuries lately?”

“How should I know? That’s exactly the kind of stuff that would be repressed by your psyche. Oh, that psyche. She can be a real b-“

“Then you’re not sure about it?”

“Nope, we could have had a head injury last week and forgotten about it. Maybe we’ve been having head injuries for the past year!”

“I think at some point, we’d notice.”

“Would we? What if I told you that you’ve just had a head injury right now?”

“Then you’d be lying.”

“But how can you be sure?”

“Because my head doesn’t hurt.”

“Does it not hurt, or has the sensation of pain merely been removed from your memory? Perhaps it’s been locked away in the deep recesses of your subconscious. Possibly by psyche. That b-“

“Ok, now my head hurts.”

“Aha! I knew it! Nice try, psyche!”

“That’s, wow…Why is it that you think we have dyslexia? Because of the typos?”

“Because of the increase in typos! How many times in the past few months have you found yourself going back to correct a word because the letters were all jumbled up?”

“Well, I have been typing more extensively of late, since I’ve been doing more writing. More writing means more chance of mistakes.”

“And that can only mean – dyslexia! Dun dun duuunnn!”

“Or it means that I just need to type a bit slower. Or maybe you need to think a bit slower.”

“You would like me to be slow?”

“Yes. I mean no. I mean, not slow as in ‘duhhh’, but slow as in, uhhh…hmm..word….stuff…”

“Slow enough for you?”

“Duhhh…you know…not….meaning….thingy…stop…brain…”

“There, now isn’t that better?”

“Gahh, you know that’s not what I meant! Boy, being stupid feels weird.”

“Shouldn’t it feel stupid?”

You feel stupid.”

“Yes, I’d say I’m thinking slow enough now.”


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