Thursday Scribbles: Resolve

While I normally draw cartoons and exaggerated figures, I have recently dipped my toes (or, well, fingers) into the more realistic end of the pool. This was one of my attempts at ‘realism’ from about a year ago.


I can’t really remember the story behind this image. Maybe it was inspired by a movie I’d seen, or maybe it sprang from some story idea that I later forgot. At least part of it was an attempt to draw an attractive female portrait, as that’s been one of my weak points when drawing. I’m much more comfortable drawing freaks and monsters. Make of that what you will.

There was no reference picture for this. I may have looked at some pictures to get some idea of how the shading would look (around the neck and shoulder blades, for example) or how her hair would frame her face, but this isn’t based on a picture of anyone. I just had a face in mind and decided to draw it.

The only thing I know for certain is that I wanted to draw someone determined. Someone that has a mission and will not let anyone stand in the way of its success. Is she avenging the death of a family member? A lover? Is she trying to break someone out of prison? Or planning a major heist? I don’t know. Maybe you can come up with a story for her. And even a name. Rosa, perhaps. Or Diana. I’ll let you be the storyteller in this case.

Due to my somewhat obsessive-compulsive tendencies, I also have no idea what this picture actually looks like. All I can see are the various flaws in execution and technical mistakes. A wrong choice of color here, a misplaced bit of shading there. I think her face swallowed her nose. Overall though, I hope it’s turned out half-decent. She still looks very cartoony, but it’s a process. I’ll work my way to making a proper portrait one day.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Scribbles: Resolve

  1. She definitely has a look of steely determination in her eyes, like she means business. I imagined her to have been through some seriously tough times, I can see that beneath her unwavering focus, there lies a hint of sadness. I dont know why but she looks like a Samantha to me… That, or Roxanne! Great picture!

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