30 Days of Fitness: Batman

Continuing on my renewed fitness journey, I decided to plunge into another 30-day challenge. So I was all set for another grueling month of workouts that would push my body to its limits while also (hopefully) yielding awesome results. For my challenge, I went with the most obvious choice:

Batman Challenge
Since I was going to be working late for a couple weeks, this workout plan made the most sense, rather than hoping to squeeze in a half hour of exercise after coming home at an undetermined time. It also helps that my office building has a nice little passageway leading from the emergency exit to the stairwell, giving me the perfect place to slip in some reps as part of my ‘bathroom break’,
Perhaps the toughest part of the challenge was keeping track of my reps for the day, and making sure I was hitting my targets. After all, there are only so many bathroom breaks you can take before people start asking questions. So I had to plan out my workouts such that they had a good spread throughout the day and got me through everything I needed to do. Just thinking about the 400 squats at the end made me hyperventilate a bit, as I tried to map out how I would accomplish that within a 24-hour period.
As the month progressed, the planning got easier. I was starting to do more reps per set, and I was getting through sets faster. By Day 20 or so, that 400 no longer seemed as daunting…but there was another problem. The squats were hard on the knees. Push-ups and sit-ups were taxing, but easy to recover from. Squats, though? I have one partly injured knee and another that’s gotten weak over the years (probably from trying to compensate for the other one), so doing hundreds of squats per day seemed like a crippling proposition.
But there’s no challenge at all if you back down, so I persevered. After a point, I did have to switch to half-squats to make it a bit easier on myself, but I didn’t slow down on the pace. As the days went by, my energy levels soared. The idea of doing a hundred squats, close to a hundred push-ups and fifty sit-ups before breakfast would have been mind-boggling once upon a time, but toward the latter half of the challenge, I was looking forward to it. It certainly makes the whole day feel a lot more accomplished.
Yesterday marked the end of the push-up and squats part of the challenge. My knees are not happy with me now, and will need a few days’ rest before we’re on speaking terms again, but I am proud of having scaled that mountain. And today, I finished off the last round of sit-ups, bringing the challenge to a triumphant close.
The end result? I feel great! I have more energy, more stamina, and my pants are starting to slide down my hips (I should really wear a belt). There’s certainly been a hell of a lot of progress this past month, and I am pumped. Now I’m completely ready to take on the night and serve justice as only a bat-themed vigilante can!
This is a self-portrait.