30 Days of Fitness: Week 3

This past week has been a bit of a struggle thanks to my cold, which has threatened to shut off my nasal passages at the slightest hint of heavy activity and labored breathing. That’s resulted in a pleasant burning sensation in the lungs and back of the throat, especially toward the end of each workout. Other than that, it’s been pretty great.

I have made further strides in my workout routine, going up to Level II without straining myself. Leveling up in video games is always a satisfying feeling. Leveling up in real life, though? Nothing compares to it. I imagine I’ll be sitting here for a good long while before hitting the fabled Level III, but it’s just the right amount of work for now. 
It also occurred to me during yesterday’s workout that I’d gone from “How many more sets do I have left?” to “Maybe just one more set…”, which is pretty remarkable considering that awesome burning I’d mentioned earlier. I had intended to do the bare minimum number of sets yesterday, but my inner voice kept urging me on. That’s quite a change from the inner voice that’d just tell me to sit down and chomp on a cookie. Which is not to say that I’ve banished the humble cookie; it just isn’t one of the cornerstones of my diet anymore.
There was, however, a small speed bump on my fitness highway (you’re welcome, aspiring self-help book author). And that bump came in the form of:
Why would the sight of this little exercise terrify me, you ask? To be fair, it’s my own fault. I’d first encountered the climber while slowly delving into the world of Neila Rey. It was a part of quite a few workouts, and it was easily the worst and most draining exercise on the list. Why? Simply put, it’s because I was doing it wrong. 
The climber is a fairly straightforward exercise: start off from a plank-like position, bend one leg and bring the knee to your chest, and then straighten it out again. Alternate legs. I, inexplicably believing that I knew what to do without some sort of instructional guide, thought that one leg was supposed to bend at the same time that the other straightened. This created a sort of skipping motion that was hellish for my knees and lower back. And thus the climber became a bit of a horror show. I finally wised up and decided to consult a how-to video, convinced that an exercise couldn’t have been purposefully constructed to pulverize my knees.
Unfortunately, though I’ve fixed my form and can get through a round of climbers without collapsing to the ground, knees throbbing and burning with hate, there is still a bit of a mental block when approaching them. So a workout composed exclusively of climbers is a daunting sight indeed. But I did complete that routine and live to tell the tale, so maybe a day will come when an image like the one above will fill me with joy rather than dread. Alas, a combination of the cold and the mental block reduced me to only completing Level I of that particular routine. 
That’s alright, though. Slowly but steadily, I will climb my way to success (you’re welcome again). And with that horrendously corny play on words, I head off to Week 4 for the conclusion of the challenge.

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