30 Days of Fitness: Week 2

I’m at the midpoint of the 30 Days of HIIT Challenge and it has been a fantastic ride so far. To recap, my first week was pretty hard on the ol’ gravy-clogged muscles and left me in need of some solid rest. I persevered however, and pushed through the next week, which flowed a lot more smoothly.

Most exercise routines on Neila Rey’s site are split into three levels. Level I’s a good place to start off if you’re like me, while Level III is for the more hardcore fitness buffs. During the first week of the challenge, Level I looked like a fairly steep cliff, and attempting to scale it took a lot out of me. But this past week, I was able to push myself a bit more, turning that steep cliff into nothing more than a dirt mound and reaching ever closer to Level II. Looks like some of that gravy’s been burned off, at least.

The end of the week became slightly tougher because of a sudden and inexplicable cold, but that did nothing to dampen my resolve. A challenge was laid down and a challenge must be met, even if I’m currently coughing up both lungs.

On to Week 3! 


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