30 Days of Fitness: Week 1

After a rather lengthy gap (one of several in the past 4 years), I’ve decided to get back into a regular workout routine. It’s something that had been on my mind for a few months, but I couldn’t quite work up the motivation to go for it. Until I came across this gem:

Batman workout
That’s just one of many workout routines that can be found on a site run by fitness enthusiast (‘guru’ just sounds too buzzword-y) Neila Rey. She has extensive experience (over 15 years now) in bodyweight training, running and martial arts. As the poster above illustrates, she’s also got a bit of a nerdy side, and that’s just awesome.
Trying to motivate myself to work out by thinking of how much healthier I’ll feel? Yeah, maybe…I dunno. Trying to motivate myself to work out and become the goddamn Batman? Sign me up.
Neila Rey has various superhero, video game and pop culture themed workouts on her site, in addition to more ‘mundane’ ones, such as the One & One Workout. Overall, it’s a pretty fun way to get into a fitness routine, and the curiosity to try out different workouts (the Sherlock Workout? Go on…) keeps me going.
And the start of this week found me on a new quest: the 30-day challenge. In addition to standalone workouts, there are also a series of programs and challenges on her site, designed to keep you fit by pushing the boundaries of your fitness. Going from no exercise to exercising 4 days a week to a 30-day workout is quite a leap, and this first week of the challenge has been exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure.
I’m definitely feeling lighter, and some clothes that haven’t been my size for a while are starting to fit me again. However, this first week has been mostly about dealing with the lingering soreness that comes with starting a dedicated workout regimen after being mostly stationary for so long. Once the ol’ muscles get used to working again, the rest of this month should be a blast!

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