Notes from a Mundane Morning

No internet today, and no real work. Boredom has taken hold and rattles around inside my skull, trying to lull me into listlessness. But I will not go so gently into that ennui-filled night…

And just like that, work appears.

Okay, so work has been hindered by the lack of internet. Dammit, boredom’s found me again. Well, pull up a chair, friend. Guess you and I will be spending some quality time together after all.
It’s amazing how there’s so little to do sometimes. I mean, there’s always a long list of things that need to be done, chores that need to be completed, work that need to be finished…and yet, none of that will show up when you really need it to. An entire world lies unexplored, its mysteries waiting to be discovered. Yet here I sit, cooped up in a dinky little office, counting the minutes until something interesting happens. And when the work day is done and I go home, I will lament the lack of time to do anything.
Hitting refresh on the browser doesn’t jumpstart the internet, but I do it again, hoping against hope. It kills a few seconds, at least. Sigh. Perhaps some breakfast can break the monotony. Bagel ho!
Well, that was delightful. I was a tad stingy with the cream cheese, I think, but that was still a tasty bagel. And now, hunger temporarily sated, I wait. And wait. The stomach is full, but the mind is sadly empty, crying out for stimulation. People mill around the office, basking in the mundane. I make a little small talk, but even that fades into numbing silence. 
Oh to be able to just walk out of the office and not look back! I could hop on a bus or a train, or just go on foot. Destination unknown, with a license to wander. Alas, the only wandering is done by my mind, trying to latch on to a stray thought that might lead to some activity.
A new development – the internet should be back shortly. Finally, productivity! Or at least the pretense of it while I tool around on my usual websites. I wonder how long it is till lunch…

After a flurry of activity when the internet returned and work resumed, things have gone quiet again. Lunch provided a brief reprieve from the drudgery of the office, as it always does. But with that also done, everything has lapsed into stillness.

Afternoons are a dangerously quiet time on the best of days. Post-lunch drowsiness syndrome tends to affect everyone for an hour or so, grinding all business to a halt. On a day like this, the silence can be deafening. I glance at the clock on my computer screen and my jaw drops as I realize there’s still two and a half hours to go until the end of the work day. Two and a half excruciating hours of staring at a computer that seems to no longer entertain or inform. There are no more blog articles to read and the news sites don’t report anything new.

So I’ll just hang around here and watch the clock tick away, I guess.

And when the work day is done and I finally go home, there really won’t be time to do anything…


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