Work Weather

The workplace is a vast and busy ocean. Instead of ships, it is ruled by desks, each with a one-man crew that is ever fearful of the sharks of management and the shipwrecks of downed internet connections. When I first started my job, I captained my desk through stagnant waters, passing time until the end of the day. As the days passed, I could feel the wind picking up.There was activity all around me, and a cloud loomed on the horizon, promising a downpour of work, but there was nothing that demanded my attention just yet.

Then the storm came. Poseidon unleashed his managerial fury as a whirlwind of proposals, deadlines, proofreading and revisions were upon me. Everyone swam by my desk, giving me something new to add or something old to delete as I tried to stay afloat. The deadline was fast approaching (and yet, strangely, not fast enough?) and the storm would be over soon, but would we all make it through? Would everything be finished on time? Uncertainty reigned as the winds of (format) change blew ever stronger, battering me from all sides. And just as we all gasped to take a breath, the sun broke through. The storm had passed and all our work was complete. Oh glorious day!

So now I return to my life of tranquility and, to some extent, ennui. The activity around me is starting to pick up again. There are clients to meet and sales to be made. But not for me. My desk remains a gently bobbing boat in a turbulent sea. Oh, there is the occasional gust of work that blows my way; a small proposal here, an official letter there. Mostly though, the sky remains clear and the forecast sunny. 


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