The Hill of Helpfulness

Helpfulness is often thought of as a never ending staircase. One can be at the bottom, not being helpful at all, or can be forever climbing, helping people along the way.

But I think of helpfulness as being more like a hill. As before, one can stand at the bottom, being completely apathetic, or one can chose to climb the hill and help those in need. Eventually though, one will reach the peak, and as they say, it’s all downhill from there. At a certain point, helpfulness hits a maximum, and further attempts to help end up becoming more of a hindrance.

Many times have I scaled this hill, and then sprinted down the other side headfirst without realizing it. On occasion, due to some bizarre perspective, it appears that someone is trying to push an object up the hill, when in fact, they’re already standing on top. My enthusiastic desire to help push will only result in sending everything crashing down.

Good intentions are admirable in themselves, but it’s ultimately one’s actions that have real consequences. Something to think about before breaking out the ol’ hiking boots. 


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