And So It Begins…

Ideas. Inspirations. Doubts. Worries. Reflections. Realizations. Memories. Every second of every minute, a multitude of thoughts swirl around in my mind. Sometimes conflicting, sometimes connected, sometimes completely random, they vie for space and attention in an already crowded room.

‘Maybe you should ask out that cute girl at the store.’ ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could fly?’ ‘Are you destined to be alone?’ ‘Is that swelling harmless?’ ‘If only you had taken that chance.’  Who would have guessed that thoughts would be the greatest impediment to thinking? But they cannot stay; I cannot possibly contain them all and still keep my head.

I will thus release some of those thoughts here, giving them a pasture to roam free. And should they feel the urge to latch themselves on to the mind of another, I will not stop them. Go then, my crazy little ideas, my odd memories, my bizarre concerns. Make yourselves comfortable. Welcome to your new home.


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